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Give Users What They Want

Unwanted SEO/Advertising make users frowny.  General advertising makes users blah.  Social networking makes users smile, and sharing free stuff makes users say "WOW!".  Make your users happy!

When will companies get it?

Next week I will be reviewing some of the better examples of sharing and social networking to build brand. I would give examples of unwanted advertising/SEO tactics, but I think we all know more about those already than we want to!

Cybersecurity Law

Since the massive protests in response to SOPA and PIPA, I have been keeping track of proposed tech-related laws in anticipation of SOPA clone. A number of bills have been proposed recently, and I was wondering if any of them represents a serious threat to the internet as we know it.
The good news is that SOPA and PIPA had an effect: lawmakers are listening. They have clearly tailored their proposed legislation in ways that focus on “cybersecurity” rather than copyright, leaving the structure of the internet and the tech industry alone as much as possible. In one case a bill was revised in response to concerns that were raised.
Here’s the catch: we need to keep them on their toes! Check out the resources at the end if you value the internet and free speech.

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Spam and Comment Moderation

Because of some confusion a genuine reader had about posting comments, I recently changed my settings to allow for unmoderated comments. Initially only an occassional spam comment would appear, but last night 15 new spam comments appeared on one entry!
These comments initially seem valid, but on close examination the author and website listed are obviously commercial and the general comment is nothing but an excuse for a link-back. I appreciate that the spammers have risen to using proper grammar and including only one link in their comments, but spam is spam, and it’s darn annoying!
So I’ve switched back to comment moderation, meaning comments will not appear until I happen to log on and click “approve”.
Please feel free to leave comments that are relevant! And linking to your site is fine, but I hope that it shows you are an actual person and not a spam-bot or an SEO creep.
Thank you!

Adding A Ribbon To A Responsive Design

example of ribbon on website

So you’re wanting to add some stylish ribbons to your web design, a la any of the “30+ Ribbons in Web Design” posted at
Problem: You also want a responsive web design with a liquid layout. A ribbon usually requires an image, and images can wreak all kinds of havoc on a liquid layout. How to mesh your desired accent images with a responsive design? I used fluid images, making my simple graphics stretch and flow as needed.

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