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Cute Inkscape Tutorial Series: Kawaii Emu Variations

To wrap up the series of tutorials on making a cute or kawaii emu in Inkscape, (the free vector graphics editor), I’m sharing two variations based on the ‘cute emu’ image. The first image is a fancy peacock, and the second is a fluffy pink emu-corn.

A peacock is just a fancy little emu.

The peacock head is exactly the same as the emu head, and the body and neck are one small shape rather than two. The tail and frame were created by using the ‘pattern along path’ tool, which is covered in a tutorial by Cedar Wood. If anyone is interested in that technique send or post any questions you have; it can be a little confusing at first, but it’s a great way to create patterns in Inkscape.

Peacock: "Be Fancy."

You can see the larger size peacock image on my deviantart gallery.

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