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Cute Inkscape Tutorial Series: Kawaii Sloth Fuzzy Face

Published Fri Jun 22 2012 00:00:00 GMT-0700 (PDT)
Cute sloths! Concluding the sloth theme: When toying with variations of the sloth, I came up with a fuzzy looking version of the three-toed sloth face that is just too cute! Read on to find the easy 5-step tutorial for making this sloth face, based on my earlier tutorial for a two-toed sloth face. sloth love face big (Large version posted on Deviantart) Firstly, I must credit Chris Hildenbrand, whose "wood grain effect" tutorial on vector tuts+ helped me make the wood textured frame for the finished "sloth love" picture above. Now, on to the tutorial: Text only version:

Cute Three-Toed FUZZY Sloth Face in 5 Steps:

  1. Start with a two-toed sloth face, from my two-toed sloth face tutorial.
  2. Copy and past the head shape in place, and scale it down to 88%. (Shift+Ctrl+M)
  3. Use the pencil to draw around each eye using a stroke about 4px thick.
  4. Blur the inner face shape and each eye ring by about 5.
  5. Last, add colors and little white stars or circles in the eyes.
You can download the full svg file from deviantart.

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