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Cybersecurity Law

Since the massive protests in response to SOPA and PIPA, I have been keeping track of proposed tech-related laws in anticipation of SOPA clone. A number of bills have been proposed recently, and I was wondering if any of them represents a serious threat to the internet as we know it.
The good news is that SOPA and PIPA had an effect: lawmakers are listening. They have clearly tailored their proposed legislation in ways that focus on “cybersecurity” rather than copyright, leaving the structure of the internet and the tech industry alone as much as possible. In one case a bill was revised in response to concerns that were raised.
Here’s the catch: we need to keep them on their toes! Check out the resources at the end if you value the internet and free speech.

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What Is The “Great Firewall Of China”?

blindfolded face

Seeing Red, by 'burnt out Impurities' on flickr

Recent protests against SOPA and PIPA, as well as ACTA and other recent treaties and legislations, have gotten me wondering about internet censorship around the world. Comparisons have been made between the US and China, and I was curious: Just what is the “Great Firewall of China”?
The “Great Firewall of China” refers to government censorship of electronic communication in China. This includes monitoring and censoring user-generated content, websites, emails, and texts. People have been locked up for sending a text or email. Scary, right?
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SOPA Update

whack-a-mole style game with SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA

Worst. Game. Ever.

Much has happened since the massive online protests against SOPA and PIPA on Weds. Jan. 18th. My very own Senator Marco Rubio withdrew his support of PIPA, and SOPA and PIPA have both been tabled for the moment. Yet, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, aka ACTA, poses the same dangers as SOPA and PIPA on an international scope. Most disturbingly of all, the recent shutting down of was done without SOPA, PIPA, or ACTA.
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SOPA Hurts Us All

Outrage about SOPA has been all over the internet since it’s proposal two months ago. It’s a bill that, if passed, will destroy the internet as we know it.
No joke.
(Even WordPress News agrees.)

This historical decision will be made, for better or worse, in the very near future.
And it will affect you no matter who you are:
Teachers, students, musicians, artists, gamers, developers/IT folks, activists, journalists, parents, bloggers, and anyone else who uses the internet!

Read more to find out how, and what you can do.

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