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Review: Inkscape Beginner’s Guide

Inkscape Beginner’s Guide is a recent (2012) book by Bethany Hiitola that is available both in print and ebook format from Packt Publishing.


  • This book is great for the complete beginner. I wish I had read this book about 6 years ago, when I was first playing around with Inkscape and other graphic design tools.
  • The website promises “Real world examples show you how to create everything from paths, complex shapes, to stylized text.” It’s true: Hands-on tutorials and real examples, complete with screenshots and images, are the meat of the book.
  • Bonus- A general introduction to some graphic design concepts is woven into the book. It covers things you really need to know when using Inkscape; vector vs. raster graphics, how SVG and other file formats work, and how to organize a graphic design project.
Inkscape Beginner's Guide Cover

image from Packt Publishing website

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Hello Naked Mole Rat

Hello Naked Mole Rat- Hairless and Happy
(Large image also posted on deviantart.)

Does this image remind you of Sanrio’s “Hello Kitty”? If not then it is clearly not a derivative work.
If it does remind you of “Hello Kitty”, then be aware that it is satire; kittens are cute, while naked mole rats are known as one of the ugliest animals on earth.

Why do I clarify these things? Read more about “Fair Use” if you’re curious.

Check out my tutorial on drawing the “kawaii naked mole rat”, or other cute but strange animals like an emu or a sloth.