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Eating with Disdain

photo by jeffreyw on flickr

”We were at a restaurant for lunch and I had onion rings with mine.
Kitty hadn’t seen them before, and he wanted to try one.
I gave him half of an onion ring.
He bit half of it, but most of it went into his mouth.

His expression as he chewed was so horrified, but he swallowed the bite.
Then he said ‘ew’ and put the rest of the onion ring right in the middle of his apple sauce, sticking out like a cigarette butt.

It was really cute.”

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Important Conversations

“Kitten went into the kitchen, I followed him and asked him to come watch a movie with me.  He was sitting on the floor in front of where the cereal is.  He said he couldn’t because he needed to talk to the cereal boxes and that it was very important so he was busy right now….”

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An Egg Sandwich Please

”Kitty asked for an egg sandwich, and I said ‘Ok, in a little while, if you’re good.’
I walked into the kitchen a bit later, and he had gotten out the egg carton and broken about 6 eggs. They were in random places around the kitchen.
‘I wanted to help you make the egg sandwich.’ He said.
I didn’t even know how to clean that up.
The little scoop*.”
[*A pet name for Kitty when he's being mischievous.]

six smashed eggs

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