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Cinnamon Sandwich

Recipe for a Cinnamon Sandwich:

“It’s like cinnamon toast but a sandwich. Bread-butter-cinnamon-butter-bread.”
“And you squish it. And cut it into two triangles, you know?”

Also, this:

“Joke: Why did the toast go to the hospital??

Answer: Because he was feeling crummy (crumby)”

The editor gives this recipe 4 stars. Yum!

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An Egg Sandwich Please

”Kitty asked for an egg sandwich, and I said ‘Ok, in a little while, if you’re good.’
I walked into the kitchen a bit later, and he had gotten out the egg carton and broken about 6 eggs. They were in random places around the kitchen.
‘I wanted to help you make the egg sandwich.’ He said.
I didn’t even know how to clean that up.
The little scoop*.”
[*A pet name for Kitty when he's being mischievous.]

six smashed eggs

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