Ruby on Rails, Backbone.js, Steam login with Omni-Auth, CSS3 media queries, SASS, EJS templates, HTML5 and more

good games screenshot

Live Site: mygoodgames.com

Robot Hearts Kitten

Ruby on Rails, Backbone.js, HTML5 Canvas Animation, Object Oriented JS, SASS, EJS templates

robot hearts kitten screenshot

Live Site: robot-hearts-kitten on heroku

Arcadia Fairytales

Django, Mobile-Friendly, Responsive Design, HTML5, CSS3, Scripting and HTML processing

Double Screenshot, showing full-size and mobile verisons

Sykosomatic Blog

WordPress, Mobile-Friendly, Responsive Design, Logo Design, HTML5, CSS3

screenshot of sykosomatic.org on widescreen and mobile

See my recent work on Github! (I <3 Git.)

Other sites I have worked on include:

  • Karmaic Design: custom WP theme based on client mockup
  • TIML Blog: custom WP design and theme with gravatar plugin
  • Castle Index (original site is down, my demo page is still up): custom WP design and theme with Raphael JS map plugin for fluid interactive SVG maps